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MS Excel Training
'This Flows From Intermediate to Advanced Application'

This is a 3-day specialised course from RISC - This course can also be designed bespoke to your needs, and delivered on site at a location of your choice for up to 10 people in class.
Prior knowledge - To get maximum benefit from this course you should already:

  • Know the difference between a worksheet and workbook;
  • Know how to add, move between, rename and delete worksheets within a workbook;
  • Know how to select, move between, cut, paste and delete cells, columns and rows;
  • Be able to write basic formulae in individual cells (e.g. =A1+B1, =C1*C2);
  • Understand the basic use of '+', '-', '*', '/' and brackets;
  • Know how to open, save, close and find workbooks on a hard drive, in a cloud or on a flash drive.
  • (If you need the above content to be a prior 1-day course, RISC can offer that option too)

    The first two days of the course will include:
  • Excel limitations and capacity;
  • Data types and formatting them correctly;
  • Sorting and Filtering;
  • Data validation;
  • Dealing with dates and times;
  • Using the IF function;
  • Conditional formatting;
  • Advanced formulae;
  • Absolute v Relative References;
  • Using COUNTIF and SUMIF functions;
  • Frequency tables;
  • Using Pivot tables;
  • Using VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions;
  • Using INDEX and MATCH functions;
  • Importing text files;
  • Text to columns;
  • Basic charting.
  • Day 3 - The use of statistics and visual display options:
  • The uses and limitations of Mean, Median and Mode;
  • Probability;
  • Standard Deviation;
  • Chi squared;
  • Linear regression;
  • Charting your results;
  • Creating a dashboard.
  • If you host your own course, you can choose duration and content to suit your needs on a pick and mix basis. Please contact RISC via the details at the foot of this page to discuss your exact requirements.

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