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"From Cathartic to Critical - Across a Spectrum of Risk"

On completion of this two-day course delegates will be able to:
  • Understand intelligence-led decision making in various environments and situations;
  • Articulate intelligence-led vision, rationale, context and intent for 'key decisions';
  • Explain the value of key decision making for you, partners, stakeholders and clients;
  • Understand the importance of clarity in communication;
  • Differentiate the risks between making decisions alone or with third parties;
  • Understand and be confident to undertake stakeholder analysis;
  • Appreciate how key decisions can deliver common vision and goals;
  • Articulate a pragmatic intelligence-led nexus for strategic and tactical decisions;
  • Identify key players and resources available to better understand the risk;
  • Understand how the operating environment and context affect decision making;
  • Appreciate the spectrum of risk from 'Strategic thinking' to 'Critical Incident'
  • Understand why Crisis Management is different - and how to approach it;
  • The input is designed for Decision Makers and Managers at all levels; in any organisation. It could form the basis for 'bespoke delivery' to a variety of markets and sectors.

    This short course seeks to develop awareness and confidence to those tasked with understanding intelligence impacting their environment; managing the spectrum of risk:

    - from the cathartic (when you have time) .... to the critical (when you need to act now!)

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