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Untitled Document INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS COURSE FEEDBACK INCS: "This is amongst one of the best intelligence based courses that I have received in 33 years of training"




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Feedback - Oct 2018 Intelligence Analysis Course - 28/11/2018
From 4 different students on the course: 1- The definition of an Analysts role was clearly and repeatedly communicated, with real life examples provided to contextualise the job role. All instructors contributed their unique insight into analytical procedure, application and worth. 2- The course provided a strong overview of knowledge and skills needed to perform tactical level analysis. Particularly the way that the skills were taught and then put in to practice through practical examples. 3 - Well pitched & delivered what I needed. 4 - I am much more confident in analysis now. Although I may not use the entire course’s content due to the nature/constraints of my current role, I took a lot from the course nevertheless which I will use in my day to day work. All lecturers were great, extremely knowledgeable and their positive demeanour helped a lot.

Feedback - Bespoke IA Course for the Retail Sector Oct 2018 - 16/10/2018
This bespoke design course was for a large retail sector client. Comments from 3 different delegates: 1 - The lecturer was clearly knowledgeable and was able to use his experience of delivering these courses for many years in creating a bespoke course for our retail focused environment. He made an effort to learn about some of our business processes and risks and used these as examples to demonstrate his points. 2 - I think the mix of knowledge and experience meant the material was well structured. The delivery was effective because the lecturer was able to rely on his professional experience to help achieve the instructional aims.3 - Excellent all round, I found the course very engaging and enjoyed completing tasks throughout.

Feedback - Intermediate to Advanced Excel Course Oct 2018 - 16/10/2018
From 3 different students 1 - the course was fantastic, the lecturer couldn’t have been more helpful and I felt like I came away from it with more confidence when it comes to excel overall 2 - I liked that fact that we were able to push the Knowledge to index match and ‘nested if’ functions. 3 - (the lecturer) was responsive to the higher demands of the class.

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