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Job Opportunity - Principal Analyst - 08/11/2017
Principal Analyst Northamptonshire Police Deadline for application: 17/11/2017 Apply to Northamptonshire Police

Feedback - Sept 2017 Intelligence Analysis Course - 12/10/2017
From 3 different students...1 - The Lecturers they all have a vast knowledge of intelligence and their subjects. Using their real life experiences to give examples of how what they are teaching works. They also talk about great successes they have had in the intelligence world and failings, which is very important when learning. Their guidance gives a whole better understanding to the intelligence world. The amount of time the lectures had for students had during lunch times and in the evenings for question about the course and career guidance, was amazing. That kind of commitment to your students and dedication is rare...2 - The course was very good at providing the background to analysis and suggesting some new analytical techniques I had not used before - 3 - Trainers had a huge wealth of knowledge to impart. Really enjoyed hearing about specific real-life cases / scenarios. Found the psychological side of things fascinating; especially with regards to observing/considering how/why an offender’s behaviour changes throughout a series of crime.

Feedback - July 2017 Intelligence Analysis Course - 25/07/2017
From 3 different students...1 - - I enjoyed the course thoroughly, especially as it provided more of a way to think about HOW to tackle the problem / crime rather than carrying out number crunching (as some analysis work can be). The course provided excellent tools into problem solving (by using the Kipling factors), how to create & test hypotheses and how to develop an inference(s). 2 - Ted was an incredible lecturer. Very knowledgeable and interesting. His delivery was captivating and I could have listened to him for the full 2 weeks. I found Ted to be very supportive and encouraging. 3 - I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, I enjoyed the group working although some of the tasks required a little more time or possibly just a little time for a team building exercise prior to the task...a big thank-you for the course.

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