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Untitled Document INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS COURSE FEEDBACK INCS: "This is amongst one of the best intelligence based courses that I have received in 33 years of training"




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West Midlands Police & RISC - 13/10/2008
Britain's second largest police service have chosen RISC to be their preferred supplier of intelligence and analysis training at both the tactical and strategic levels. This will run to the end of 2010.

Feedback from our Strategic Course 15-24 Sept - 30/09/2008
Each comment from a different student: "Really enjoyed the course, from a scanning point of view I think I got a lot out of it especially around the Futures part of it." "Id like to reiterate how much I enjoyed the course and found the trainers to be very experienced and helpful." "Many thanks, I found it an excellent course...please can I book two places on the next course in March for the remainder of my team?" "Most appreciated : the rapidity of learning and the exercises good variety in theory and practice." "Thanks to all your team for a really excellent course"

2-5 Sept 2008 - Financal Workshop Feedback - 25/09/2008
Some quotes from the students: "It was one of the best courses that I have done and I feel I learnt a lot from it..." (Re the lecturer)- "Had extensive knowledge in the area worked, providing good examples." "Good, well structured course..." "Thank you very much for providing such a quality course!"

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