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Environment Agency - 12/06/2009
Feedback re the Intelligence Workshops for Managers has been excellent. Further workshop planned.

Feedback - IA Course 11-22 May 2009 - 08/06/2009
Comments from 3 of the students. 1 - What can I say (re one of the lecturers) Iím guessing one of the best in the business. 2 - .... I was also pleased that there was no usage of computers, as I thought the course would fall into a trap of only producing pretty charts etc, and I am very pleased this myth was dispelled. 3 - The lecturer is excellent value for money. His experience is so vast he talks confidently and clearly about every aspect of the course and its content. An excellent communicator; he made any criticisms fairly but firmly of all the delegates.

Feedback - Financial Workshop 23-26 March 09 - 08/06/2009
Feedback from 3 of the students. 1 - I found the workshop very informative and gained a good general overview of how to work with financial intelligence. 2 - The course gave me a good starting point into financial analysis. I believe I now have good background knowledge and would be able to contribute to financial intelligence packages. 3 - I think that I will be better prepared to produce financial intelligence packages in the future. It is a worthwhile course that I will recommend to other staff within our unit.

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