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Feedback - Multi Agency Problem Solving Course (MAPS) - 19th to 30th Jan 2009 - 03/02/2009
The following are from 3 separate students on the course, 1 from police, 1 from CSP, 1 from the DAAT; 1 - Prior to the course I felt the Borough strategic assessment document was a very good piece of work. I can now see the many gaps in the document, the process undertaken, and the likely outcomes following this training. I am in a much better position to contribute to the strategic assessment in a way that will not only help achieve our targets but also reduce crime and contribute to tackling the wider strategic issues faced by the partnership." 2 - "I will be able to make useful input to the next strategic assessment around working with Council and National datasets. One of the most important outcomes of the course was the understanding of what the police BIU do and how my work can support and contribute to the assessment. I liked the reference from the instructors to real world examples and I found the statistical analysis day particularly useful for the sort of work I do." 3 - "Exercises are invaluable. They create a great way to practice skills being taught and were really good for the police and partnerships to get to know each other."

Feedback - IA Course Dec 2008 - 24/12/2008
The below comment are from 3 separate students: 1 - "Not only did I meet some interesting and extremely experienced people, both trainers and delegates but I feel like I came away from the course with a completed picture of my role as an analyst. I2 Software is a wonderful thing indeed but its no good as an analyst knowing how to use the software without the underpinning processes and knowledge. " 2 - "All the lecturers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of analysis, which made all the exercises enjoyable and realistic" 3 - "Looking forward to coming back soon!"

Feedback from Researcher Workshop 12-14 Nov - 21/11/2008
From 4 separate students: "I thought the knowledge of the lecturer was excellent and the way he used true examples to explain things made it much more interesting and easy to understand for the full 3 days. There was nothing I disliked about the workshop." "The lecturer was a very knowledgeable man whos delivery was flawless and content was always of the great interest. I particularly liked his relating of past experiences and real life situations where the topic could apply." "I felt this course was beneficial in forcing a new way of thinking in terms of research and analysis procedures" "I found the researcher workshop really informative. I have already started applying a number of techniques to a current research project."

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