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Feedback - Private Funder - 04/09/2018
In the summer of 2018 I attended the Intelligence Analysis Course which was self-funded. I realised the importance of training with experts in the field of intelligence and analysis as it gives you more of an insight into the real world of relevant roles. During my course, I also applied for a job vacancy as an Intelligence Analyst with a law enforcement organisation. I was successful... with the support of Jim Devery and his team. In my opinion I feel it is important to attend intelligence courses, for training and self-development in order to acquire the level of understanding for future work. I highly recommend training with RISC as they are knowledgeable, helpful and provide excellent training in order to achieve the goals you want.

Feedback - July Researcher Course - 31/07/2018
From different students: 1 - Nothing to dislike about the course, one of the best courses I have attended. The course content was relevant to my job and catered for all different learning styles. I particularly liked the last day and working as a team to collate all of the previous few days learning. 2 - I canít recommend this course enough. The lecturers were excellent. I normally hate training courses, I saw them as a necessary evil, they were dry and boring and I got more out of them when I went home and did some self-study via reading. However, this course has me so enthusiastic, I want to use all the skills covered even though my job probably doesnít warrant it the use of all of them. I am hoping to do the Analyst Course in due course, funding permitting, and if itís only half as good as the researcher course, I know I will be on a winner. 3 - What I liked most about the course was the useful tools and working processes I was able to grasp and take away. The Open Source Intelligence section was especially interesting and really helped me gain knowledge on certain working practices on the internet that I wouldnít have otherwise known.

Feedback - June 2018 Intelligence Analysis Course - 24/07/2018
From 4 separate students - 1 - Thank you very much for the course it was fantastic, and all the training staff were extremely helpful. 2 - I liked most just learning to be more confident and respect any thoughts that are a bit outside of the box to at least test them as a hypothesis. It was good to spend time area to distance yourself from the jobs and gain a more objective, focused viewpoint. 3 - I enjoyed the exercises the most as they gave us the opportunity to put into practice what we had learnt and consolidated our learning. It was also beneficial to work with different people from different backgrounds. 4 - Overall a good course delivered by some very knowledgeable trainers. I feel lucky to have been able to take this at the start of my Analyst career.

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