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Feedback - MS Excel Course in July 2017 - 25/07/2017
From 3 different students - 1 - The lecturer had an easy-going, approachable, manner, which was clearly underpinned by a detailed knowledge of his subject. 2 - I appreciated the volume and varied type of data to practise on, other courses I have been have on have not been as useful due to the limited data to practise with. 3- I learnt new ways of carrying out analysis using Excel as well as being refreshed on skills I hadn’t used for a while.

Researcher Course - 13 to 16 March 2017 Feedback - 29/03/2017
From 4 different Researchers: 1 - I really enjoyed the final assessment, it was really good to work as a team and it was a brilliant way to use what we learnt in the classroom. I didn’t really dislike any of it, it was all really interesting and relevant to my role. Police Researcher 2 - Both lecturers were very knowledgeable. Applying examples and explanations using past real life examples was helpful. OISC Researcher, 3 - I found the course very interesting and enjoyable. The lecturers were highly knowledgeable and I felt engaged at all times. There wasn’t really anything I disliked about the course. NHS Researcher. 4 - Liked: Research hypothesis, Understanding the use of Mind mapping and Concept maps. Comparative Case Analysis. OSI. There was nothing that I particularly disliked. FCA Researcher.

Job Opportunity - Harrow Council, up to £34,590 - 23/11/2016
Senior Analyst – Crime / Violence Vulnerability & Exploitation Salary: £31989 to £34590 Fixed Term: Up to 31st March 2018, with opportunity to extend. Harrow Council We are seeking a highly motivated and skilled senior analyst to work on the ‘Problem Profile’ for the local area which will underpin the VVE Strategy and will include presentation and analysis of data from a wide range of sources.

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