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Untitled Document INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS COURSE FEEDBACK INCS: "This is amongst one of the best intelligence based courses that I have received in 33 years of training"




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Feedback - June 2017 Intelligence Analysis Course - 25/07/2017
From 3 different students....1 - Balanced mix of theory and practical work delivered in appropriate order. All tutors were amazing – loved how they all had real-life examples to demonstrate ideas and theories. 2 - I though the trainers were excellent and provided great examples of how I could apply the training in my role. They were able to answer all of the questions people asked. 3 - The variety of analytical tools that were explained is exceptionally useful and exactly what I was looking for in the course as this was a large knowledge gap for me.

Feedback - Researcher Course in July 2017 - 25/07/2017
From 3 different students...1 - I thought The lecturer was excellent. He was engaging, manage to gauge the level of the class (and when we needed a coffee break!), answered everyone’s questions and was incredibly knowledgeable. He made the course extremely interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 2 - Great course with a lot of insight, all the handouts and paperwork given is a plus as well. Learnt more in those few days than in my research module at university! 3 - The course was not simply sitting and watching; I enjoyed the elements of contributions such as the psychological and lateral thinking exercises which really made me think and illustrated perfectly alternative perspectives. The team exercises broke up the day so it was not simply an hour’s long lecture. In all Ted was a far better teacher/lecturer than any of my university lecturers and knew a lot more about criminology and crime than most of my criminology lecturers for my MA.

Feedback - MS Excel Course in July 2017 - 25/07/2017
From 3 different students - 1 - The lecturer had an easy-going, approachable, manner, which was clearly underpinned by a detailed knowledge of his subject. 2 - I appreciated the volume and varied type of data to practise on, other courses I have been have on have not been as useful due to the limited data to practise with. 3- I learnt new ways of carrying out analysis using Excel as well as being refreshed on skills I hadn’t used for a while.

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