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Feedback - June 2018 Intelligence Analysis Course - 24/07/2018
From 4 separate students - 1 - Thank you very much for the course it was fantastic, and all the training staff were extremely helpful. 2 - I liked most just learning to be more confident and respect any thoughts that are a bit outside of the box to at least test them as a hypothesis. It was good to spend time area to distance yourself from the jobs and gain a more objective, focused viewpoint. 3 - I enjoyed the exercises the most as they gave us the opportunity to put into practice what we had learnt and consolidated our learning. It was also beneficial to work with different people from different backgrounds. 4 - Overall a good course delivered by some very knowledgeable trainers. I feel lucky to have been able to take this at the start of my Analyst career.

Feedback - March 2018 Intelligence Analysis Course - 12/04/2018
From 4 different students from different agencies...1 - I really enjoyed that the majority of the course was practical so it allowed us to put the taught theory into practice. The group work was incredibly beneficial as we got to work with different types of people from different backgrounds and learn from each other...2 - Having no background experience I feel the course has enabled me to have a firm understanding of the different techniques to use within an analytical role...3 - All of the lecturers were really good at explaining the subject matter, and demonstrated their experience through a wide range of real-life examples...4 - I took away a lot of knowledge and understanding from this course and thoroughly enjoyed it. The facilities at Wyboston were great, the instructors were all great and all the people attending the course were great as I learnt more about different analyst job roles.

Feedback - Dec 2017 Intelligence Analysis Course - 11/01/2018
From 4 different students: 1 - I know now I am much stronger on intelligence analysis and I have ideas on how to improve my work and adapt to changes in my day to day working pattern (NHS Analyst). 2 - I liked all content contained within the course but I particularly liked that all the lecturers had relevant backgrounds which meant they could give us examples of cases they worked on and give us a real life relation to the work that the students do or want to do.(Private booking) 3 - Exceeded my expectations. Even with several years’ experience of the IA role, this was a worthwhile course for me, which has enabled me to reset my thinking and processes. In addition, the value to attendee’s organisations of being able to network with students from a diverse background, experience and business areas, is incalculable. Excellent course.( Trading Standards Analyst) 4 - I thoroughly enjoyed the team task aspects of the course and being able to put the skills learnt as use within the classroom environment. A lot of critical information was covered in such a short period of time but definitely feel a lot more confident heading back into my workplace knowing the basic models of analysis (Police Analyst)

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