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AIM: To ensure that our training products achieve recognition and recommendation for the benefit of our customers.

To meet the standards for Intelligence Analysis that can be viewed on the 'Skills for Justice' website - see the National Occupational Standards (NOS) standards for Intelligence Analysis. This provides an overview of the competencies that students can acquire on our Intelligence Analysis training courses, and these courses provide the basis for undertaking an accredited diploma in the workplace, if your organisation has a Skills for Justice Awards Centre.

RISC can provide a range of services covering training, consultancy, and research project work. It is a policy of our company that only experienced practitioners will deliver these services. For example, if you attend one of our 10-day Intelligence Analysis Courses in the UK, you can expect a variety of lecturers to deliver their respective modules, because they are current practitioners in those same modules and they have the most up to date knowledge.

This is quite different to the standard approach of the 'same teacher teaches all' and it reflects our commitment to providing the best for our customers. Accreditation was first achieved in 2003, via the UK National Analysts Working Group - but now the NAWG do not accredit courses. Accreditation / recognition is an important issue for us, because it shows our determination to use this as a minimum benchmark for both ourselves and our customers. The UK National Analysts Working Group used to dictate what the minimum learning outcomes should be for certain courses, particularly those having a direct relevance to the UK National Intelligence Model.

The NAWG have stopped accrediting courses for any training provider, so RISC now provides the knowledge and skills for each customer to have the opportunity to gain a Level 3 Award in the workplace . We have a strong presence in the UK, but equally client agencies in other countries see this and understand that we are a provider committed to providing the best, and thereby feel more confident in booking us to deliver at a venue of their choice, and designed to their needs. See our client list for the range of clients from law enforcement, NGO, commence and industry sectors.

Irrespective of these changes RISC will continue to meet the National sStandards and learning outcomes previously set by the NAWG for our Intelligence Analysis Course, and for the Strategic Assessment & Analysis Course. We see this as a minimum requirement for ourselves, and a commitment to our customers.

RISC also delivers consultancy and research project work for agencies in the public and private sector.